Christmas is upon us again and together with most Tasmanians, I look forward to Christmas.

The wonderful carols, the handing out of Christmas cards, the display of nativity scenes and Christmas decorations in our streets, shops and workplaces are loved by many and must not be banned in these days of increasing political correctness.  There is a Christ in Christmas and this is a time to celebrate His birth in a manger in an out-of-the-way Roman province over 2000 years ago. 

Christmas is many things to different people.  It is a time for family, friends, gift-giving and festivities.  But for some, it is a challenging time and we should keep in our thoughts and prayers, those in our community that are doing it tough and consider how we can support them at this time.

May you all have a refreshing and blessed time with your family and loved ones during this Christmas season.  Stay safe over the holiday period and have a merry Christmas and happy New Year. 





Change for a brighter future.