On almost every economic indicator Tasmania is doing better than a few years ago.

The economy is growing and confidence is up. Investment and retail sales are up and exports are 

However we have our challenges and people are still doing it tough. The rural and regional areas sometimes miss out on some of the action. But these communities are resilient and with agriculture and small business delivering the families and people in these areas remain strong and hopeful.increasing. The future seems brighter than before.

The previous Labor/Green government left debt and deficits but with tough decisions and a long term plan Tasmania is turning around. We plan to reinvest the dividends from these tough decisions in health and education and caring for the vulnerable.

Now is a great time to live and invest in Tasmania. As I travel across Tasmania I hear stories of people making the most of new opportunities creating new enterprises or building on the existing.

The Premier Will Hodgman recently appointed me Parliamentary Secretary for Small Business. I'm honoured and have had a long interest in supporting and advocating for small business- formerly owning and managing an award winning small business and being a strong advocate for small business as a Senator for Tasmania. 

Tasmania's 36,000 small businesses deserve support - employing over 100,000 Tasmanians and being an economic power house and the lifeblood of our state especially in regional areas.

Volunteers inspire me, and I know others. The bulk of our fire fighters and emergency service personnel are volunteers. Thank you thank you thank you! Such a tough summer with so many fires. Where would we be without our volunteers. Of course this wonderful attribute - volunteering, is based in large part on Love thy neighbour. Australia's Christian heritage and the Judeo-Christian values underpin much of what makes our country great in my view. I thank God for the wonderful place we live in. Being responsible for volunteers is an honour. It is also an honour to be responsible for veterans, seniors Carers multi-cultural communities youth and emergency food relief and supporting the Premier as his Parliamentary Secretary.

I really enjoy being out and about and listening, caring and building our future. We all have an important part to play in building our communities and this wonderful place we call Tasmania. 

Best wishes for 2016


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